February 6, 1959 (24th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Robert Simpson

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Simpson:

I have been listening with some considerable interest to the hon. members who have spoken on this subject today. I have been listening also with some concern and amazement because of the way in which hon. members have been congratulating the C.B.C. for the work they have done in providing a national broadcasting and television system. I believe we should take quite a long look at the situation before we start patting anybody on the back over this so-called national television system. Until the day comes when all the sections of our country are covered by television I could... not agree with the statement that we have a national television system.

Some members of the opposition have been throwing criticism at the government benches with regard to what they call the inaction of the government in connection with this strike. I must admit I have very little to say in that respect at this time but I should like to point out that during all the years of the Liberal regime we suffered from a lack of television and radio services in the area which I represent, the constituency of Churchill, which embraces about three-fifths of the province of Manitoba, does not have one small portion which is serviced by C.B.C. television. There are 14 constituencies in all in Manitoba, and I think I would be quite safe in saying that well over half of them are not serviced by C.B.C. television.
I do not intend to go into detail on this subject at this time, because later on in this session I hope to be presenting a resolution to the house respecting the desirability of supplying television service to these areas. I should like once more to impress upon the house this one fact; let us all work toward a truly national broadcasting and television system by taking a good look at the expenditures of the C.B.C., with a view to providing those services in those areas which are not already serviced.

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