June 21, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Frederick William Borden (Minister of Militia and Defence)



In reply I may say that this matter has already been brought to my attention, and that I have had some correspondence with citizens of Montreal and particularly Major Lydon himself with regard to it. Not long ago the secretary of the department wrote a letter in which he said :
The minister regrets he is unable to consider the claims of the Highland Cadeit corps for assistance, apart from the claims of other cadet corps. The whole question of assistance will be considered by the minister and the Militia Council at an early date.
In the Militia Act of' last year there are these clauses referring to cadet corps :
Section 65. The minister may-
(a) Authorize boys over 12 years of age, who are attending school, to be formed into school cadet corps ;
(b) Authorize boys over 14 years of age and under 18 years of age, to he formed into senior cadet corps ;
(c) Authorize senior cadet corps, or any portion thereof, to be attached to any portion of the active militia for the purposes of drill and training.
Section 66. All cadet corps shall be subject to the authority and under the orders of the dis * trict officer commanding.
Section 67. Cadet corps shall be drilled and trained as prescribed, and may be furnished with arms, ammunition and equipment, under conditions prescribed.
So that the powers of the department are limited under the Act, and if any special treatment is to be accorded to the cadets mentioned it would be necessary to take a special vote. It would be more convenient to thresh out this question when tne militia estimates are up, and I shall then have a

statement to make with reference to it. I may say however that the department recognizes the very valuable work which this and other cadet corps have done for the militia in Canada.

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