May 28, 1958 (24th Parliament, 1st Session)


George Clyde Nowlan (Minister of National Revenue)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. George C. Nowlan (Minister of National Revenue):

Mr. Speaker, the hon. member was good enough to phone me and acquaint me with the general purport of his question; I did not have the wording of it before me. In general I could reply in the affirmative. The customs branch of the Department of National Revenue has authorized the employment of 40 more appraisers to deal specifically with appraisal work. These have been cleared with the civil service commission and appointments are being made as rapidly as possible. As these appraisers are appointed they will be going to various parts of Canada and exporting points where checks will be made on the value of goods exported to Canada.
In addition, instructions have been issued that in future there must be more detailed information given on an invoice, particularly covering textiles coming
into Canada, so the appraisers will be in a better position to deal with valuations in these matters. Instructions are now being issued that in connection with textiles there shall be attached to each invoice a sample of the material which is purported to be covered by that invoice so the appraisers can check the sample and deal with it in an effective way on a valuation basis. These roughly are the steps that are being taken in this matter up to the moment.

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