February 1, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


James Garfield Gardiner


Mr. Gardiner:

-at a time when the governor would have to make his choice would be entitled to replace the person who could not command a majority. The leader of that party moving want of confidence would have said, in view of the votes taken in this house, that his party had a majority. The Governor General would say, I must therefore call on him. When the leader of the Conservative party assumed the responsibility of taking over the government of this country, as he did on June 21, he also assumed the responsibility, when the day has arrived that he can go no further in carrying on that government, of saying, because he is in the position where he does not command a majority of the members in this house, he is through.
There is no other way in which he could be absolutely certain of that fact, other than when a vote is taken on a matter of this kind. No vote has been taken, and I understand from the way things are forming up around me at the present moment, that one will not be taken but something is going to happen. When this thing which is going to happen, whatever it is, and if it is dissolution and we go to the country, I want to say to the leader of the government that he has had no right given to him in so far as any action in this house is concerned for the action contemplated at the present time.

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