January 31, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Ernest George Hansell

Social Credit

Mr. Hansell:

Mr. Chairman, I only have a question to ask and will probably only take up to one o'clock. It is a good question I want to ask the minister, and I ask it because he has the dual capacity of Minister of Justice as well as being in charge of Indian affairs. I have had complaints from certain people that the Indians are not too careful so far as their hunting privileges are concerned. I know none of us want to be harsh with the Indians. We must make a good deal of allowance for them. They are people who have hunted for many years and it is in their blood.
However, the complaint comes to me that the Indians perhaps assume that they have a right to hunt at any time and anywhere. In addition, sometimes they are not too careful about the ethics of their hunting. They will shoot and sometimes leave game in a half crippled and dying condition. They will even shoot and cripple a mother elk and leave the calves there. People have said to me, "What are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police doing about this situation? Do they not know their business?" We know the R.C.M.P. know their business, and if anything the picture may be the other way. Perhaps the R.C.M.P. may be a little harsher with the Indian than with the white man who can really talk back to them. On the other hand, there may be some laxity so far as hunting privileges are concerned.
I see it is one o'clock. I do not need to say anything else, but perhaps the minister might comment on this matter when he answers the other questions.
At one o'clock the committee took recess.

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