January 30, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Frederick George Hahn

Social Credit

Mr. F. G. J. Hahn (New Westminster):

Mr. Speaker, I would feel somewhat remiss in my duty at this time if I were not to say a word with respect to this amendment. I make these observations on behalf of the hon. member for Wetaskiwin (Mr. Thomas) who, as hon. members are aware, is unable to be with us because of illness in his family. Hon. members who were here last session will recall that the hon. member for Westaskiwin did raise this question in the house on more than one occasion last year. I am sure if he were with us today he would be one of the first to commend the government upon the action it has taken.
I am very happy to see that the former minister of citizenship and immigration has indicated that the measure has his wholehearted support. As I recall, at the time the incident occurred the hon. member was rather slow in giving the same measure of sympathy with respect to this matter that he has now indicated. As he said earlier, hindsight is often much better, and often

one can look about and see for himself that there is a need for action. I congratulate him upon this new viewpoint with respect to this matter.
Having said that, I wish to conclude by saying to the minister that I thank him for seeing to it that legislation has been introduced correcting the situation which existed before, and I trust that other matters with respect to the Indians will receive the same consideration this one has been given.

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