January 29, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


William McLean Hamilton (Postmaster General)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. W. M. Hamilton (Postmaster General):

Mr. Speaker, in answer to part 1 of this question which deals with a survey to determine the feasibility of commencing street delivery of mail in the town of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, I would advise that there is a survey being made but the report covering it has not yet been received at departmental headquarters. Since that is the case it is also impossible to give an answer to parts 2, 6 or 7 of the question. In answer to part 3, previous surveys have been made in the town of Summerside.
Part 4 of the question asks for details. A survey was made in September, 1948, at which time no actual figure was available as to the number of calls. In 1951 there were 1,531 points of call. In September, 1956, when the last survey preceding this one was made, there were 1,850 points of call. The question asks how many points of call are necessary before street deliveries may be started. The answer is that 2,500 points of call are normally the minimum for that requirement.
Section 8 asks for the requirements beyond the requisite number of points of call which must be complied with before street delivery can be commenced. Those include (1) satisfactory walking conditions in all types of weather; (2) systematic numbering of all
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premises; (3) street name signs at intersections; (4) proper pathways from the street into each house; (5) installation of an approved type of letter slot or box at each house; and (6) that there should be no duplication of street names within the proposed delivery area.
The last part of the question asks whether the rental of post office boxes is increased should street delivery be commenced. The answer to that question is yes, in accordance with a pattern which has been established over many years in the past.

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