January 25, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Frederick George Hahn

Social Credit

Mr. Hahn:

Mr. Chairman, to deal further with the matter raised by the hon. member for Bow River and the hon. member for Moose Mountain, may I say that I had some representations made to me regarding the same problem, involving the effect of price support upon different grades as the system was in operation under the Agricultural Prices Support Act. In this connection I should like to refer the minister to a letter written by Ewen Gillis to A. H. Turner, chairman of the agricultural prices support board, dated September 29, 1957. Mr. Gillis is the secretary of the poultry section of the farmers' union of British Columbia, and in his letter he had this to say in part:
Incidentally I have learned that the dominion government purchased grade A fowl only. The other grades had to be sold by the processors where a market was available. In many cases the producers were paid from 5 to 10 cents for a dressed fowl. Not all the fowl were bought at this price by the packer.
The important part is as follows:
For years many producers have been receiving grade A for over 90 per cent of the fowl. Under the implemented price supports schedule reports indicate only 10 to 30 per cent of the flock qualify for grade A.
There does seem to be a tremendous .discrepancy here in that when you sell on the free market 90 per cent qualify as grade A, and the moment you come under the price support legislation it immediately drops to 10 to 30 per cent. Before I proceed further, and possibly I should have begun my remarks by saying this, I wish to compliment the minister on the attitude the government took in accepting our representations regarding the problem that west coast turkey raisers had late last year and taking
Agricultural Products-Price Stabilization action on it. However, here is another phase into which an examination should be made. I am not completely satisfied with the answer the minister gave the hon. member for Bow River, and I should like to get his views on this particular question.

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