January 24, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Victor Quelch

Social Credit

Mr. Quelch:

Mr. Chairman, I may say I was somewhat surprised at the outburst of the Minister of Agriculture when he closed the debate. Surely after the number of years he has been in this house-13 years, I think he said-he should be a little less thin skinned than he appears to be, and he should be able to distinguish between what I call constructive criticism and what he referred as personal abuse.
Throughout this debate, during the resolution stage and right through second reading, we in this group have tried to be constructive. We have tried to point out the weaknesses of the bill, and we have made recommendations to improve it. For instance, we have made many suggestions regarding a fair cost-price relationship, and that has been our main disagreement with the bill. During the resolution stage we pointed out there was no mention in the resolution of a fair cost-price relationship, of a parity price, or of the cost of production.
Apparently the Minister of Agriculture did take some heed of the criticism which was levelled against the resolution because when he brought in the bill, a very short time after he had begun to speak he announced that he intended to make a number of amendments; and while it is completely out of order for a minister to talk about amending sections of the bill on second reading, hon. members of this house, realizing that the bill was of such an undesirable character as to make such a step worth while, gave unanimous consent to *those amendments being read and subsequently to having the bill reprinted in order to embody those amendments.

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