January 21, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


George Harris Hees (Minister of Transport)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. George H. Hees (Minister of Transport):

I should like to answer a question that was asked yesterday by the hon. member for Humber-St. George's. He asked if I had received a telegram from the chamber of commerce at Corner Brook representing that the 3.6 per cent increase in freight rates had been put into effect in that district. I indicated in my reply that such a telegram had not come to my attention, but I now find it was received in my office when I was out of the city last week and was immediately forwarded to the board of transport commissioners for action.
I am now advised that the board acknowledged the telegram direct to the chamber of commerce on January 16, advising them that all tariffs of the railway instituting the 3.6 per cent increase have been postponed to March 1 and that representations were being sent to the Canadian National Railways for correction of the situation as described by the chamber of commerce. On the same day the board so communicated with the railway company.

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