January 9, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Alistair McLeod Stewart

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

Mr. Stewart (Winnipeg North):

Mr. Chairman, I am afraid it does not suit my convenience just now unless the minister can tell me that I am not dealing with that part of the estimates where the question I have in mind could be asked. I am faced with another difficulty. I wish the minister would occupy some other dual position than that of Minister of Justice and that of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration because I have questions in mind which may deal with both of those positions.
First of all, I want to bring the minister back to a question I asked last November about one Per Holting, a Canadian citizen who boarded a S.A.S. aircraft in Greenland, having purchased a ticket from there through to Los Angeles and when the plane touched down in Winnipeg, got off the plane. I agree that according to the ticket Mr. Holting should have gone right through to Los Angeles and I suppose it was part of the contract between Mr. Holting and S.A.S. that he should do so.
Nevertheless this Canadian citizen, having got off the plane at Winnipeg, decided he would like to break his journey permanently at that point. In an answer the minister gave to me he said that the police of St. James, at the request of the captain of the aircraft, literally had Mr. Holting put back on that plane, and I suppose it would have been done -no matter how gently-nevertheless forcibly.
I would like to know if it is possible for a Canadian citizen to be deported from this country in such a way and, if so, under what law? This man was sent out of his country. Here again there is the question as to whether this should come under the Department of Justice or under the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, but I think there is an element of law in this matter, and I would like to know what the Minister has to say about what I call the deportation of Mr. Holting, a word which I gathered was disagreed with previously. The fact remains that a Canadian citizen was deported, sent out of this country by police officers, acting, I have no doubt, honestly. Nevertheless he was sent out of this country (to another land
and had to find his way back. I should like to find out under what law this man was exiled from Canada.

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