January 4, 1958 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Victor Quelch

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Mr. Quelch:

That is the point that concerns me. The leader of the C.C.F. mentioned the other day that he thought there was reason for Russia to be concerned due to the fact that she had been ringed around by bases of the western allies. Personally I think we are in a far more vulnerable position because we can be ringed around by a series of moving bases, looking upon these submarines as moving bases. I believe General Gruenther suggested that these submarines are equipped with rocket-launching devices and if this is so what is to prevent them at a certain specified time launching an attack on towns all around the American continent?
The minister says we could not take any action against them as long as they were cruising. Does that mean to say that if Russia did decide to make an attack upon this country she could send her submarine fleet out, put them at strategically located points around the continent, and at a given moment fire these rockets at targets on this continent and that we would not be in a position to take action against them until the rockets had been launched? It seems to me that we are in an extremely vulnerable position.

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