June 9, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Aaron Abel Wright


Air. A. A. WRIGHT.

Before the meeting of the congress of the Chambers of Commerce which was held recently in the city of Montreal the matter of trade with the AVest India Islands came up before our board of trade and a delegation was appointed, of which I was one to go to Alon-treal to meet the representatives of the AVest India Islands, particularly those from the island of Trinidad and see if we could not arrange to send them goods from our own section of the country. AVe had an interview with them and ascertained the tilings which we thought we could ship to the AVest Indies. Among other things we thought we could ship cheese, which we produce in large quantities, butter, flour and what they call bread. Perhaps I might inform the House that what they call bread is what we call shanty biscuit or sea biscuit, the flour to manufacture which we could supply. AVe could also send them pot barley which they use in very considerable quantities, boots and shoes and that kind of thing. AVe found among the other things that they required different grades of flour-low grade and high grade. It is sometimes very important that we should know where we can send our low grade flour which is not very easily sold sometimes. AVe can always sell the finest grade of flour, but sometimes, if we have a grade which is not very good, to get a market for that is desirable and important. After the representatives of the AVest India1 Islands had gone away we had considerable correspondence with them. I conducted the correspondence myself. I think the time is not far distant when we shall undertake to ship goods from our section of the country to the AVest Indies. But, our people have always urged

upon me that they did not like to go to the trouble of sending goods all the way to Halifax and shipping them from there. They thought there should be a service from Montreal so that they could undertake the shipment from there. I would like to draw the attention of my bon. friend the Minister of Finance to this fact too : There has been a great deal of difficulty in having our beet sugar factories maintained in western Ontario, and in fact in any part of the Dominion of Canada because they could not get a sufficient supply of beets to run these factories long enough to make it pay. My hon. friend from East Kent (Mr. Gordon) who is interested in a beet root sugar factory at Wallaceburg undertook to solve that difficulty. When the supply of beets became exhausted he brought in raw sugar from the West India Islands and has been using that instead of the beets and making a complete success of it. If we could get a supply of raw sugar from the West Indies and in this way secure facilities for sending our own goods back in the same vessels, I think it would be an advantage and I do not see why it could not be carried out. I wish to direct the hon. minister's attention to the fact, and when this question comes up for discussion again I may have something further to say upon it. If there is anything I can do which will assist my hon. friend from Montreal (Mr. Ames) I shall be glad to do it.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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