June 9, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph Henri Napoléon Bourassa



No, I do not think so.
I had evidently misunderstood the question of the hon. gentleman. I was dealing at that time with the distinction that was established with regard to denominational schools, and meant to say that there was no other denominational school referred to in section 11 of the Act of 1S75 but Protestant schools and Catholic schools, and I understood the hon. gentleman's question to mean that in case a majority would be composed partly of Protestants aud partly of Mormons, they could establish any other denominational schools. Naturally the context to my remarks later on proved that I acknowledged the right of any majority to have a public school, hut, as far as denominational schools are concerned, it would be either a Protestant or a Catholic school. Of course, I could have corrected this iu the report of the debate so as to make my thought clear, but I considered it would be at injustice to the hon. gentleman (Mr. R. L. Borden) on account of the further remarks he made later on, so I prefer making this explanation and leaving the text as it is, I hope this will he satisfactory to him.

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