June 9, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Joseph Henri Napoléon Bourassa



Mr. Speaker, before the Orders of the Day are called, I wish to give a word of personal Mr. R. L. BORDEN.
explanation. I notice by reading the report of yesterday's debates that in replying to a question that was put to me by the hon. the leader of the opposition (Mr. R. L. Borden), I gave a reply which certainly entitled the hon. gentleman to say later on in the debate, while I was absent, that I had stated something that led to an absurd conclusion. 1 see by reading the report that in fact I had not properly understood the question of the hon. gentleman. He asked me :
Suppose there was no majority of either Protestants or Roman Catholics in the district ; suppose there was one-third Protestant, one-third Roman Catholic and one-third Jews and Mormons ; does he not think that the word ' majority ' in section 11 would enable the majority of these people to establish a school ?

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