November 25, 1957 (23rd Parliament, 1st Session)


J.-H.-Théogène Ricard

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Theogene Ricard (Si. Hyacinihe-Bagoi):

Mr. Speaker, I have listened with great interest to the speech of the hon. member who has just taken his seat. There is only one regret in my mind. It is that in the past he has not devoted so much energy toward simultaneous translation. Maybe if in the past he had spoken as loudly as he did today we would be farther advanced.
The resolution before us is a very important one. Before we all agree to it, or before we all accept it, I think there needs to be a great

House of Commons
deal of research done. I should like to go on record as recommending to this house that we study all phases of this question, even though I am of the opinion that the adoption of simultaneous translation would do a lot to aid national unity. If we had simultaneous translation, it would make the proceedings of this house much more interesting, not only to the members but to those who listen in the gallery. However, I would say that before we embark upon such an expenditure we should look into all aspects of the question very carefully.

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