June 7, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Alfred Thompson

Conservative (1867-1942)


Now, I have a proposition to make to the government. Suppose our government proceeds to make money-that is, they put upon our gold ' the guinea stamp,' to use the poet's phrase. My proposition to-day is that they should issue government certificates -for our gold. We will take these certificates and use them for money, selling the government say $10,000,000 of gold per year. Here is a scheme for the Finance Minister to consider. Canada to-day is paying through her savings banks 3 per cent per annum to the people for their deposits. Here is $10,000,000 a year which the government may have for not one cent of interest-simply the issue of certificates which we will use as money in the Yukon. I would like to have it explained how it is that, if that were brought into effect, Canada would not save $300,000 a year in interest. There is a nut for hon. gentlemen to crack. I see my hon. friend from Halton (Mr. Henderson) is cogitating over it to see if there is anything behind it.

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