April 10, 1957 (22nd Parliament, 5th Session)


Paul Joseph James Martin (Minister of National Health and Welfare)


Mr. Marlin:

No, a little over half. But that only covers individuals who are treated for illnesses other than tuberculosis and mental illness. Those two illnesses are adequately treated in Saskatchewan and I am not suggesting that they are not. However, they are provided for out of the consolidated fund of the province, in a separate account, being precisely what we are going to do

under this measure. We are providing for the assistance of these people in so far as they are hospitalized in general hospitals.
In further confirmation of the position we have taken is the report of the government of Nova Scotia examining this matter. It recommended that the Nova Scotia government should accept the proposal made by the federal government and there they said, as I indicated I think the other night, that in the matter of mental health and tuberculosis these illnesses should not, they thought, be included in the proposal which is embodied in this bill.
Therefore, I do not think we should go on giving the impression that we are seeking to draw a distinction between those who suffer from these two forms of illness and those who suffer from other illnesses. What we are seeking to do, let me repeat, is to help individuals in Canada in meeting their individual hospital costs. If an individual has hospital expenses as a result of mental illness or tuberculosis he will be taken care of under this bill, but if he is in a provincial institution where the province pays for it out of the consolidated fund it cannot be seriously arguable that the provision in the bill should be otherwise than it is, with the exclusions provided.

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