April 10, 1957 (22nd Parliament, 5th Session)


Ernest George Hansell

Social Credit

Mr. E. G. Hansell (Macleod):

Mr. Speaker, this group joins with the leaders of the opposition parties in expressing their views with respect to the minister's statement. In fact I think we could go a little further. I think we should say that the minister's statement is most commendable, because if there is one thing we do desire it is the protection of our own citizens. I do believe there should be a free exchange of information for security purposes between the appropriate agencies

External Affairs
of the United States and Canada, which I fancy would be the federal bureau of investigation and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
I also want to commend the statement of the minister to the effect that the government in Canada is taking full responsibility for security measures in this country, and I think he also said the government is willing to exchange the various findings between the two agencies. In doing so they are demanding the protection of our Canadian citizens, and will likewise give protection to United States citizens if they come into the picture in respect of investigations here.
I think, Mr. Speaker, while I am on my feet I would like to make this further comment. I thought the other day, immediately after the tragic death of Mr. Norman, that perhaps the less said about these things the better.

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