April 9, 1957 (22nd Parliament, 5th Session)


William Earl Rowe

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Rowe:

Yes. You will be on the left after June 10; after June 10 when you are on the bench they will be on your left.
This government had a market in Britain for 255 million pounds of bacon and we sold that bacon. We also sold 77 million pounds of beef. In 1921 when these apostles of free trade on your right came into power those markets were left as a legacy for them. When they went out of power they had lost those markets entirely and we were importing Danish bacon right into the minister's own province of Saskatchewan. Danish bacon had to be imported to feed the people of your province. This situation has continued to develop. They have lost every market that was gained overseas.
The minister talked about eggs with glowing pride and at great length and he says

that the government has put a floor price on eggs of 38 cents a dozen. I know something about the poultry business; at least at one time I had 2,000 laying hens.

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