April 8, 1957 (22nd Parliament, 5th Session)


George Randolph Pearkes

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Pearkes:

I appreciate the minister's
explanation, and I assure him that it would not have been necessary for me to ask for the repetition of his statement had I been notified of the committee meeting. I appreciate the fact that the government does not invite members to attend, but the chairman of the committee is a supporter of the government. The parliamentary assistant assured us on Saturday that such a committee meeting was going to be called and I was here and ready to attend the meeting.
Naturally not having received any notice of it, as I said before-and I was not the only one who did not receive any notice- I was in my seat here at eleven o'clock. I cleared my post office box four times, as I have said, and no notice came to me. I would
North Pacific Fur Seals not have taken up the time of the house had I received it. But these are things in which I am interested and which I think should be explained. The minister has had special opportunities of inquiring into these matters. He did not answer the question whether we were going to have inspectors present at the kill which will take place later this summer, both on the Pribilof islands and on the Russian and Japanese islands. Shall we have inspectors present at that time so as to be quite certain that we get our full share of the kill?

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