April 8, 1957 (22nd Parliament, 5th Session)


John Borden Hamilton

Progressive Conservative

Mr. John B. Hamilton (York West):

I wish to direct a question to the Minister of National Defence. Would the minister comment on the report concerning indications of control stiffness in the CF-100, and will he inform the house whether to his knowledge this problem has been the cause of any crashes involving the type of aircraft in question?
Hon. R. O. Campney (Minister of National
Defence): About ten days ago there was some evidence shown in certain CF-100 planes that stiffness of the controls had developed under certain conditions of climate and temperature, and as a precautionary measure, while maintaining air defence operations, we did cut down training flights to a minimum in the interests of safety.
The matter has been under investigation by R.C.A.F. personnel and by officials of the Avro company, and I understand some progress has been made in dealing with the situation. So far as we know the weakness which did display itself on a few occasions has not been the cause of any crashes, although that is very difficult to say with certainty. It is not an extremely serious matter, and I expect that a solution will be found within a few days.

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