April 6, 1957 (22nd Parliament, 5th Session)


Hugues Lapointe (Postmaster General; Minister of Veterans Affairs)


Mr. Lapointe:

Mr. Chairman, I appreciate my hon. friend's remarks, and I have had conversations with him previously about the particular situation he has mentioned. We are trying to expand these services. We realize that in these distant areas where travelling may be difficult people are just as anxious to receive their mail as elsewhere, and we plan to expand these services further.
As regards the wages paid to the couriers, I might say that these services are performed under contract, as my hon. friend realizes, so the price paid the courier is the price at which he has tendered. However, in estimating what we consider to be a fair price for a contract we take into consideration the differential in wages in various parts of the country basing our calculations on the figures provided to us periodically by the Department of Labour.

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