April 5, 1957 (22nd Parliament, 5th Session)


William Gourlay Blair

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Blair:

Mr. Chairman, I think this
clause could be rewritten in some manner and still meet the objective of the minister. There are some people who when placed in a wheel chair outside can go all over the garden lot. There are others who have to be lifted into a chair. It may be a morris chair or an arm chair or something of that nature. They cannot move or propel themselves or anything of that nature, but can be lifted into a morris chair, wheel chair or rocking chair for a short time in order to rest out of bed. Perhaps after an hour or two they must be placed back in bed.
I know what the minister is trying to accomplish and I think it is quite right, but I believe if the wording were different he

could accomplish what he is attempting to do and still meet what the hon. member has just spoken about. I just point out that the wheel chair is not a limitation, because those who occupy them can go any place they like. In many cases they can propel themselves and are infinitely better off than a person who has to be lifted out of bed and placed in an arm chair. I think the minister should consider rewriting that clause.

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