March 27, 1957 (22nd Parliament, 5th Session)


Mr. Purdy


1. Did the province of Nova Scotia, through its premier, make representations within the past two months to the federal government to increase old age pensions and old age assistance allowances in the province?
2. If so, did the province of Nova Scotia indicate its willingness to share the cost of such increases?
3. Does the province of Nova Scotia pay anything towards (a) old age pensions; (b) old age assistance allowances; (c) blind pensions; (d) disability pensions, paid in the province?
4. If so, what is the proportion in each case?
Mr. F. G. Robertson, Parliamentary Assistant, for the Minister of National Health and Welfare: Mr. Speaker, the answer to the first part of this question is yes. The federal government receives many representations. Furthermore, the federal government has announced increases in old age security, old age assistance, blindness allowances, disability allowances and family allowances.
In answer to the second part of this question, the premier of Nova Scotia did indicate his willingness to share in the cost of old age assistance allowances in the province but not, of course, in old age security pensions. The federal government now awaits agreement for participation by the government of Nova Scotia.

The answers to questions three and four are as follows:
(a) Old age security-No.
(b) Old age assistance

Yes, 50 per cent.
(c) Blind persons allowances-Yes, 25 per cent.
(d) Disabled persons allowances-Yes, 50 per cent.

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