May 26, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


William Mulock (Minister of Labour; Postmaster General)



No, I am leaving town to-morrow night. I may be in town again next week, but I am not sure of my movements after to-day. I am not aware of any papers oil file which have not been brought down. I did not arrange or review the papers. The instructions were to produce the papers, and I am surprised if any of the papers on file are not produced. I do not claim any privilege ; on the contrary, I am most pleased to furnish any papers connected with the matter, and therefore I am surprised to hear that any papers having any bearing on the subject are not brought down. The other day the hon. gentleman (Mr. Boyce) stated that some payments were made to the postmaster after his dismissal. On that point he had superior knowledge, because lie had been examining the papers with a Yiew discussing them and I had not seen the for many months. I said in a general nay that I thought it impossible that moneys had been paid to the postmaster after lie ceased to render service. I asked the secretary of the department to make an explanation and I found that salary warrants had been issued until some day in \vmust The explanation of the secretary is among the papers, and I thought it was very fair.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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