May 7, 1901 (9th Parliament, 1st Session)


Wilfrid Laurier (Prime Minister; President of the Privy Council)



tittle over 700, and we reduced it to 500. But we have been rather demoralized, so to speak, by the fact that the force has been drawn upon largely for the Yukon and for South Africa. We have had to spend a good ideal in transportation to and fro, taking men from the different stations, bringing them here, equipping them and sending them to their destination. This has entailed upon us a new expenditure which we had not contemplated. Moreover, we have been extending our patrols till now they cover all the territory from the boundaries of Manitoba to the Peace river and even to the Mackenzie river. More than that, as settlement extends, there are more applications made upon us for new stations. We have been able, by changing them from one place to another, to furnish new stations without adding to the number of men, but this involves a great deal of new expenditure for transportation alone. You cannot take men to the Peace river without a large expenditure, and still more to the Mackenzie river. But doing the best we can, we cannot maintain the force with less than $800 for man and horse. There are about 400 horses. We think that in course of time we shall be able to reduce the expenditure down to a little under $800.

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