January 21, 1957 (22nd Parliament, 5th Session)


Tom Goode


Mr. T. H. Goode (Burnaby-Richmond):

Mr. Speaker, I intend to follow the tradition set by many of my colleagues and congratulate the mover (Mr. Hanna) and the seconder (Mr. Robichaud) of the address. I would add to those congratulations a fact that I know all hon. members realize, that these two young men are among the hardest working members of parliament.
I come from a place called Burnaby in British Columbia. Most of you have heard of it over the years, and you are going to continue to hear about it until the people I represent get what I have been asking for in this house over the years I have been here. Many times I have stood in my place and said to the government that the Burnaby area was the second largest area of population in my province. During those years I presented to this house one of the largest petitions ever brought to this House of Commons. Many of my people have written to the government and to members of parliament asking for the recognition which I think is their due. Each one of you knows that I am asking again for an independent television station in Burnaby.
On many occasions I have taken up the time of committees of this house in arguing against C.B.C. specialists and the chairman of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, with what little ability I have, in regard to this matter. I have continually been brought up against the argument that no satellite or independent station was to be built within the A-contour of a C.B.C. station until the government changed its policy. Actually it was not government policy at all; the government were following out the views of the experts of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. That is what they employ those experts for.
The Address-Mr. Goode
Mr. Dunton has said to me dozens and dozens of times that I could not obtain this television station for my people because Burnaby was within the perimeter of CBUT. Then immediately after leaving the last television committee Mr. Dunton advised the government, and I say this with all respect to my colleague the hon. member for Victoria, that an independent satellite station of C.B.C. would be constructed in Victoria. Again with all respect to my colleague I must say that there can be no comparison between the two places of Burnaby and Victoria. Today Burnaby has almost 90,000 people, and I would be distressed to give the population of Victoria.

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