August 11, 1956 (22nd Parliament, 3rd Session)


George Prudham (Minister of Mines and Technical Surveys)


Hon. George Prudham (Minister of Mines and Technical Surveys):

Mr. Speaker, the
hon. member for Kootenay West (Mr. Herridge) is to be highly commended for his part
in bringing this important document to the attention of the house. Through you, Mr. Speaker, I should like to thank him for his actions and to ask him to convey to Dr. Borden the thanks of the government and of members of this house for giving this historic proclamation to the people of Canada. The craftsmen of the archives department have prepared this album and have mounted the proclamation together with related correspondence so they may be preserved against the ravages of time. Dr. Borden has requested that this be placed in the dominion archives. I therefore have pleasure in handing this album over to my colleague the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration who is responsible to parliament for the archives.

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