August 11, 1956 (22nd Parliament, 3rd Session)


Herbert Wilfred Herridge

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

Mr. H. W. Herridge (Kootenay West):

Mr. Speaker, I crave the indulgence of the house for a minute or two to perform a unique but very pleasant duty on behalf of my good friend Dr. L. E. Borden, who was surgeon and botanist with the first dominion government expedition to the Arctic, 1903-04. I cannot do better to inform the house on this question than to read Dr. Borden's letter accompanying the proclamation signed by Commander Low when he took possession of Ellesmere land and adjacent islands in the name of Canada. It reads:
To the honourable members of the House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada.
From Dr. L. E. Borden,
1315 Monterey Avenue, Victoria, B.C.
I have the honour to present to you for your consideration this important document.
I have always felt that the permanent home of this proclamation in my possession should be the dominion archives. As it has now served its purpose as far as I am personally concerned, I have much pleasure in handing it over to its proper resting place.
This copy was made in my presence on board the D.G.S. Neptune, as was the copy that was placed in the cairn on Ellesmere land. My copy has reposed in my diary ever since and very few people have seen it. When I produced it for Mr. H. W. Herridge to see, he was a very much surprised man. As far as I know this is the only copy in existence, and is an irreplaceable proclamation.
I may at some future date give my original diary to the dominion archives as well.
L. E. Borden.
I take much pleasure, Mr. Speaker, on behalf of Dr. Borden in presenting this proclamation to the Minister of Mines and Technical Surveys so it may be placed in the archives of Canada.

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