June 28, 1956 (22nd Parliament, 3rd Session)


Murdo William Martin

Mr. Marlin:

A convalescent hospital is
defined in the British Columbia hospitals act. It is something that is specifically included in the hospital coverage. In addition to that, there are places called nursing homes which are really homes for the destitute or indigents, people of that sort; people who normally would be requiring assistance, but not health care. This is not a health care provision. This is a welfare measure to provide assistance for the maintenance of people. People in convalescent homes are in a hospital as defined under the hospital insurance of British Columbia. They are provided for under that measure.
There are places in British Columbia, two that I know of in Vancouver, called nursing homes which are really places where aged people and people who have another kind of infirmity are maintained. They are not really in there for hospitalization purposes, but are in there for the keep that is provided for them by those who run the place, charitable organizations of one sort or another. People in this latter category are included in the act if they receive assistance for themselves from the province.

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