June 26, 1956 (22nd Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles Henry


Mr. Henry:

The vast majority of Canadians supported us and indeed our mandate remains unrevoked at this time in the matter which was then before the house when the pipe line bill was under discussion.
But going abroad at this time, there are deliberations taking place within the sphere of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and I say to this house that if the government is immoral so is a very prominent member of the government, one who has certainly been honoured by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and has been praised and named in the public press of the world, as one of "the three wise men" in NATO. So at this time we find with regret, the opposition reflecting upon one of our most eminent Canadians as he goes abroad to reorganize and reorientate the functions of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. That is a strange situation. But we look forward to a reorganized NATO for better world trade and for better economic conditions. If NATO can be used for war prevention, it can be used for peaceful pursuits such as better trade and better economic conditions throughout the world. We are proud of the Secretary of State for External Affairs (Mr. Pearson), past president of United Nations as he is, and we wish him well despite the domestic wrangle fomented by the opposition at this time on the home front.
However, I wonder about this matter of morality in public affairs, Mr. Speaker. We have noticed of late how queer it is that Her Majesty's loyal opposition, so firm in their moral position in this debate, boycott the ceremony of royal assent as we obtain assent to the legislation which has been passed by this house. Indeed, can we not say that their morals are a little bit weak on commonwealth relations, and matters affecting the crown so near and dear to us all?

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