June 26, 1956 (22nd Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles Henry


Mr. Charles Henry (Rosedale):

Mr. Speaker, we are in the 22nd parliament of Canada which normally should run for a five-year period. At the three-year point we find ourselves confronted with a motion of non-confidence in the government moved by the opposition and it is based on moral reasons rather than on legal reasons. This is an unusual procedure, to say the least; and we must examine into the circumstances surrounding the debate on the establishment of Canada's first natural gas pipe line in order to consider what underlies the situation. However, I think it is only necessary to say that in that debate the government enforced the rule of law to the distaste of the opposition, based as it is on Magna Carta and the British North America Act. In particular we enforced in this chamber that rule which is based on the common ordinary phrase "majority rule".
[Mr. Dufresne.l

To come down to the procedure in this house, the rule which was enforced was that the house is master of its own procedure in times of emergency as existed during that debate. If the government is immoral, Mr. Speaker, we should like to know the particulars. However, I think it follows, if the government is immoral because of what it has done in enforcing the rule of law, that we are in company with Premier Frost of Ontario whose support we had here, and in company with Premier Manning of Alberta and Premier Campbell of Manitoba.

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