June 26, 1956 (22nd Parliament, 3rd Session)


J.-Wilfrid Dufresne

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Dufresne:

I hope that the hon. member for Bonaventure (Mr. Arsenault) did not feel that he was being attacked. I have never mentioned anything of the kind. I have never thought for one moment that any hon. member sitting on the other side of the house could be a communist or a sympathizer. I never thought

of saying that those on the other side of the house who took part in the last provincial election in the province of Quebec could also he communists or sympathetic to communist ideas. That is not my intention. I felt that none of them were and I hope that none of them ever will be.
We have seen the Liberal party which, as I said, was once a great party, gladly associate with people who more than once were denounced for their communist activities and who even established, I repeat, on October 10, 1936, in Quebec, a communist politburo. I have myself warned the government and the Prime Minister of what was going on; I called the attention of the house to a statement, among many others, from a party by the name of Jean-Louis Gagnon whose contempt for our democratic and parliamentary institutions was once well known.

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