June 26, 1956 (22nd Parliament, 3rd Session)


J.-Wilfrid Dufresne

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Dufresne:

Mr. Speaker, as I was saying, the people have lost confidence in the government, which dares not do anything to check the progress of communism, and even allows the spread of that propaganda over the Canadian radio and television networks, as well as through its national film board.
Not only does the Liberal government keep in its employ civil servants of dubious reputation in this respect, but it indulges in shameful relations with certain people whose allegiance to the Kremlin was at one time recognized.
Any alliance whatsoever is commendable to the government, so long as the interests of the party are at stake. Let us save the Liberal party from ruin, disaster, defeat and annihilation, even at the sacrifice of the best interests of this our country.
In the past few weeks, especially in the province of Quebec, we have been through a critical period on which we ought to meditate, lest we forget.
We have seen a Liberal party, which once was great, happy to associate with people who have been exposed more than once for their past activities and who have even founded on October 10, 1936, in Quebec city, a communist politburo-
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