June 7, 1956 (22nd Parliament, 3rd Session)


Alistair McLeod Stewart

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

Mr. Stewart (Winnipeg North):

-that further consideration of it be postponed, as the hon. member for Rosetown-Biggar points out. That was wrong by the rules of this house. The Prime Minister must have known of this wrongdoing on the part of his colleague, yet apparently it was not only condoned but it was connived at. There is only one belief I have and it is this, that the Prime Minister had to violate the rules of this parliament because he could not govern with them; and, sir, you are in the tragic position where we believe that you did not carry out the rules fairly, equitably and justly. But the primary blame I still place upon the Prime Minister.
I am angry even yet, and I hope our anger will not diminish as days go by. I am angry at what has happened to this House of Commons. I am angry with the way the government has treated the position which you hold. I am dismayed, sir, at what you did, no matter what the reasons may be and no matter what the excuses may be. I am dismayed that these wretched precedents which have been established will go on the official

records of this house to guide some government in the future to commit the same sort of iniquity that was perpetrated upon us in the last week.
I regret, sir, that you for whom I have had this respect find yourself in the position in which you are today. I have tried to understand your position; I hope, sir, that you will try to understand our position and realize how intolerable it is.
There is going to be a vote in this house and that vote will be decided by cold numbers. But no matter how it is decided it is not going to help in any way the malaise which afflicts this House of Commons now. I know no cure for it unless there be this. I think there is only one solution in honour, and that is for the Prime Minister of Canada to go to the people of Canada and justify his debauchery of the House of Commons of Canada.

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