May 24, 1956 (22nd Parliament, 3rd Session)


Charles Edward Johnston

Social Credit

Mr. C. E. Johnston (Bow River):

Mr. Speaker, on a question of privilege I want to draw your attention to an article which appeared in the Ottawa Citizen yesterday. You will recall it was only a day or two ago when the press misquoted you and you had no other alternative but to accept their wrongdoing until the question was brought forward here in the house.
I wish to refer to this article because it makes reference to myself and other hon. members of the house. It is headed, "Calgary's Mayor Backs Nickle on Pipe Line Bill". The section I want to deal with appears half way through the article under the subheading "All Wrong", and reads as follows:
Mr. McKay, wearing his familiar white Stetson hat and avowing his loyalty to the Liberal party, felt that the Progressive Conservative and C.C.F. parties were "all wrong" in opposing the legislation.
At the same time he was not personally opposed to another Calgary Progressive Conservative member, D. S. Harkness, member of parliament for Calgary North, for his going along with his party on the controversial issue.
I want particularly to draw attention to the next paragraph which reads:
"We have three fine Calgary representatives in the House of Commons," he said. The third city member is C. E. Johnston, C.C.F. representative of the Bow River riding, who has been opposing the gas line measure.
I want to point out that the last sentence starts out with the wordi "The third city member", which words are not in quotation marks, so I assume they are the direct words of the reporter. I submit that if reporters in this house do not know the members, they should know them. After being 21 years in this house there should be no press reporter who thinks that I am connected with the C.C.F. party. Further, they should know that I have not, nor has this party, ever opposed the construction of an all-Canadian gas pipe line.

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