May 12, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Haughton Lennox

Conservative (1867-1942)


feeling, and I therefore have made no effort at all to take away from the breeders the control and management of their records ; I specifically insisted that it should be tho-loughly understood between my department and the associations that they should retain the control of their records. In regard to the other amendments to the Act of 1900 which my hon. friend suggests, I think in regard to the first one as to the issuing of certificates that that is covered by section 9 of clause 5, the registration of pedigrees of pure bred live stock. I grant that there is nothing specific about the issuing of certificates, but tbe issuing of certificates is tbe only proof to the owner of the animal that the animal is registered and by the laws and rules of the associations, Which provide for the registration Of live stock, a certificate is to be issued. It might have been better, I think perhaps it would have been better, to have added a few words to the end of that section such as ' and for the issuing of certificates therefor ' but I know that in the working of the former local 'Acts under which live stock registration has been kept the registration was always held to cover the issuing of the certificate and therefore it was in the original draft of this Act subclause A was held to cover the 'point raised by my hon. friend regarding the issuing of certificates, although this latter matter is not specifically mentioned. In regard to ti;e other suggestion which my hon. frielid made with reference to section 13 of the Act that there is no penalty for tile presentation or .the issuing of a false certificate I think it would be rather difficult to punish an association. The certificate if it were not issued by the recognized and properly organized association would on the face of it bear the proof of its being false. If it was issued by the association then the association is not doing its work properly and the matter would have to come up at an annual meeting of that association and dealt with by the members of that association. Bu.t I think it would be rather difficult to provide a penalty against the association for the issuing of a false certificate. I hardly think that would be feasible and workable ; at any rate in the drawing of the Act that question was not raised, and I may say that this Act was drawn in 1900 in full consultation with the men who are concerned in the keeping of these records. It was done very largely on the model of the provincial Acts under which these record associations had been working before and I think it covers the points which are covered by those Acts.
It has now been in operation for four years and there is no difficulty such as my' hon. friend has suggested, and so I think we may fairly contend that the Act is workable. If we find, now that the records are to be transferred to Ottawa and to be worked more closely under this Act, that difficulties arise then after an experience of
a year in the working of the Act we can next session provide such amendments as may then be found to be necessnrv T shall be only too glad to do so and i0 let lioii. triend know everythin0* that comes up of that nature so that we may
possible8 " making the Act as P^ect as

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