July 26, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Frederick Samuel Zaplitny

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (C.C.F.)

Mr. Zaplitny:

According to the information contained in the orders in council the remission itself amounts to over $3 million. Just so we will be sure about this, perhaps I should put on the record the names of the companies and the amounts actually remitted.
Here is order in council P.C. 1954-27/218, and I shall read it in full:
Certified to be a true copy of a minute of a meeting of the treasury board, approved by his excellency the governor general in council, on the 18th February 1954.
The board recommend that authority be granted, under the provisions of section 22 of the Financial
[Mr. Zaplitny.l
Administration Act, for remission of taxes in the amounts detailed hereunder, paid by the following companies under the provisions of the Income War Tax Act and the Income Tax Act:
Company Amount
Canadian Light & Power Company

Gatineau Power Company 496,772.60
MacLaren-Quebec Power Company 204,972.69
Northern Quebec Power Company
Limited 43,172.02
Ottawa Valley Power Company 83,694.85
Saguenay Power Company Limited .... 576,598.15
St. Maurice Power Corporation 164,151.50
Shawinigan Water & Power Company .. 528,169.40
Southern Canada Power Company
Limited 4,131.12
Aluminum Company of Canada Limited 549,697.68 Electric Reduction Company of Canada
Limited 387.10
Pembroke Electric Light Company
Limited 5,165.05
If my addition is correct that adds up to $2,662,562.07. Then in addition to that, on March 10, 1954, an order in council was passed covering the Bell Telephone Company of Canada, $371,659.68, and La Compagnie Telephone du Saguenay-Quebec, $7,133.03. This made a total of $378,792.71, and when added to the previous subtotal made a grand total of $3,041,354.78.

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