May 1, 1905 (10th Parliament, 1st Session)


Henry Robert Emmerson (Minister of Railways and Canals)


Hon. H. R. EMMERSON (Minister of Railways and Canals):

1-2-3. The lease on the Lachine canal, to William Parkyn, dated 4th of August, 1860, demised to the lessee, his executors, administrators and assigns, the use and enjoyment of the entire surplus water disposable, arising and flowing from the level of the La-chine canal at and above the St. Paul's lock, being number four of the said canal, from the first day of February, 1853, for the farm of 21 years, renewable for a second term of 21 years, and for a third term of 21 years, and so on for ever, subject to the conditions contained in the lease. It is a question of law as to whether the lease is legally in existence.
4. The government is getting in return for this privilege (together with certain lands also leased under the said lease) the yearly rental of $1,601.
5. The department is informed that the St. Paul Land and Hydraulic Company, Limited, as successors of the estate of John Frothingham, are the owners of the rights granted by the Crown under the lease.

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