May 17, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Solon Earl Low

Social Credit

Mr. Low:

That is the parity selling price. It is not their cost of production. If you consider the heavy crop yields that we have had in western Canada during the past three years, I think that anybody who took the trouble to do a little bit of figuring would see that the cost of production per bushel to the farmers would be considerably below $1.81, which my hon. friend says would be the resultant of a two-price system today. Of course there would be a profit. My hon. friends in the C.C.F. do not like us to call that a profit. They want us to call it income. I do not wish to quibble about it. To me it is a profit. Any time anybody produces something at a certain cost and sells it at something above that cost, he is making a profit. It does not matter what quibbling goes on about it from other people. I merely wanted to point out these things, together with this. The hon. member for Assiniboia (Mr. Argue), who has become the ultra politico of his party, takes delight, I think, in going quite a long way, and certainly not in a restrained way, in attacking everybody in the house because they do not agree with him. Evidently he has set himself up as the authority on wheat and farming in the house. At least, that is the impression one gets in listening to him. I was quite disappointed at the intemperate attack he made on the Prime Minister (Mr. St. Laurent) yesterday-

Topic:   FINAL PAYMENT, 1953-54
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