May 17, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Elmore Philpott


Mr. Philpoli:

In this connection I cannot refrain from putting in a word for my very good friend the hon. member for Lethbridge

(Mr. Blackmore) who, I know, is the recognized money authority in the party opposite. I studied his plan last year with great care as to how he would provide an unlimited amount of currency so that our customers could buy our wheat. The plan, as I understood it, was that anybody in a foreign country who wanted to buy Canadian wheat would be provided with the proper amount of Canadian currency so that he could buy the Canadian wheat, and the net result of the transaction would be that the foreign customer would have the wheat and Canada would have the currency which she herself had printed in the beginning. According to my way of thinking, even for a Social Credit monetary theory, that is really going a pretty long distance indeed. I have heard also from directly opposite today pleas for feeding the hungry of the world. That is all very well. If my hon. friends are really anxious to help feed the hungry of the world, as they represent a large area of the wheat-growing district of Saskatchewan, let them hop to it. There is a large surplus of wheat there. Let them get busy and give Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova of the Unitarian Service Committee of Canada some of this grain surplus they have on their farms. I am sure she will be glad to see that it is distributed in foreign countries.
Mr. Speaker, I am sometimes sorry that we ever had in this country the government-run wheat board. I sometimes think that it would have been better if this country had not had the government wheat board with its members appointed directly by the government, but had had some kind of wheat marketing system similar to the fruit and vegetable marketing system in British Columbia where the machinery is under the direct control of the farmers themselves. It seems to me that the very fact that we have a government-run wheat board leads to some of the glaring fallacies in the thinking of members sitting in the benches directly opposite me. The members directly opposite me seem to think that there is some unlimited fund of public money and that all we have to do is to dip into this public barrel and dish it out to the wheat farmers of Saskatchewan or anyone else that one can think about. But let us be under no illusion. The government of Canada has no money of its own. The government of Canada has only the money that it takes from the taxpayers of Canada. If we are being honest about this scheme for the total distribution of wheat on a parity price system, let us come right out and say that what we are asking for is a subsidy of some $300 million or $400 million a year taken from all of the taxpayers of Canada for the benefit of some of the taxpayers of Canada.

I think that is all I have to say, Mr. Speaker, except to say that I for one believe that the farmers of Canada are entitled to a fair share of the national income. However,
1 do not believe that the farmers of Canada will ever get very far toward getting a fair share of the national income of Canada if they go on such ridiculous and impossible paths as are pointed out to them by the false prophets from some quarters in Saskatchewan.

Topic:   FINAL PAYMENT, 1953-54
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