February 24, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Louis-René Beaudoin (Speaker of the House of Commons)


Mr. Speaker:

I have I am sure your permission to note the presence in our galleries of a most distinguished visitor, the minister of foreign affairs of Belgium, Mr. Paul Henri Spaak.
We extend to him the most cordial welcome and wish him a pleasant stay in this country.
I need not relate the prodigious career of Mr. Spaak. It is already recorded in history. Suffice it for me to say that we welcome him not only as the outstanding representative of a friendly country but also as one of the greatest diplomats and statesmen of our time. Besides expressing our admiration for his many successful achievements, we pay him a special tribute for his untiring efforts and constant devotion to the cause of world peace.
In asking Mr. Spaak to accept our best wishes we want to assure him of the affection and friendship of the parliament of Canada and of the Canadian people towards his own country and towards the parliament and people of Belgium.
Mr. Spaak, our best wishes and most heartfelt prayers attend you.

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