February 9, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Horne Blackmore

Social Credit

Mr. Blackmore:

That is just another foolish question like the hon. member for Regina City (Mr. Ellis) always asks. He seems to have his mind short-circuited. He never can ask an intelligent question on the floor of the house and has not done so since coming here. I had been discussing and urging the advisability of helping people to become university graduates. I was at the moment, however, mentioning graduates of certain universities who are trained to believe in socialist thinking. You will find it manifested in everything they undertake to do.
As to how the money is to be given to the provinces, personally I think that a grant based upon need, population and various other factors which I will not go into at the present time, is probably the best way of approaching the problem; and then the provinces should be free to spend this money in the way they see fit. Let the people of the provinces hold their governments responsible for the way in which they spend the money, just as they do with respect to the revenues that the provinces have at the present time.
So I do not hesitate to urge that the federal government take steps at the very earliest moment to provide assistance to the provinces, every one of them, on a basis which will give the less favoured provinces such

as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the others an opportunity to give their boys and girls something like a similar chance for education to that which the boys and girls of other provinces enjoy. I urge upon the government that they take that step, and I urge that we do not have to have another debate on this question of assistance to education but that something be done about it soon.

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