February 9, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Frederick Davis Shaw

Social Credit

Mr. Shaw:

I am always pleased to hear references to the province of Alberta, because I am sure the minister is one of those who have not contributed too much toward painting as bright a picture as should be painted of what has gone on in that province. What we are very anxious to have is equality of educational opportunity. If it is found upon examination that we have the highest desirable level of opportunity within the nation, then possibly more attention could be given to bringing others up to our level in that field.
I only offer that as a suggestion. I am not setting forth any formula at all, as the minister will understand. It is merely a matter of principle. We realize full well that a good deal of negotiation would have to be carried on in order to strike a formula, let us say, that might be satisfactory to all. But we must face up to the fact that we are not even approaching a condition of equality of educational opportunity. Certainly I think it is the desire of all hon. members to have that, even though we may disagree as to the method by which it can be accomplished. Various school trustee organizations across Canada have supported the proposition. Certainly the school teachers' organizations have supported it, and I believe that on a free vote in the house somebody would be absolutely amazed at how many hon. members would support the proposition.

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