February 9, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Frederick Davis Shaw

Social Credit

Mr. F. D. Shaw (Red Deer):

Mr. Speaker, the resolution before the house sets before us an important proposition in clear and understandable language. Its meaning is simple. It asks that the government should take steps to relieve the financial crisis in education by granting financial relief to the provinces for the expansion and equalization of educational opportunities. But it goes further and places emphasis on the fact that this should be accomplished without interference with the administration of education in the provinces. I wish to commend the hon. member for Saskatoon for moving this resolution. It is not the first time that he has sponsored a similar motion. In the face of considerable discouragement he has continued to press his point, and he has certainly had our support from the beginning.
I should like to make one or two points clear. I am sure the hon. member did not intend to leave an incorrect impression, but he referred to certain persons teaching school in Alberta as unmatriculated grade 12 students. He left it at that, suggesting that those persons were going forth to teach school without being given a certain amount of training. True, it is not very much, but they do get some training, and then they must come back during succeeding years and bring up their qualifications to acceptable standards.
I am not going to take up any time defending that particular action. Something was necessary under the circumstances to meet a shortage of teachers. It meant that either such persons were to teach or supervisors would be placed in the schools-persons without any teacher training whatsoever-or that the schools would be closed and correspondence courses only made available to the students.

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