February 9, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Earl Rowe

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Rowe:

I said I was not going to take up too much of the time of the house, and I do not propose to take up time by answering questions which I have answered already. At the beginning of my remarks I pointed out the constitutional difficulty, and even the hon. member for Saskatoon has referred to that. Over the years the Leader of the Opposition has spoken on this matter and emphasized this problem. I say again that it could be handled by a dominion-provincial conference where everyone would sit around the table. In the meantime, whether controlled or uncontrolled, if the government is going to go through another period without dealing with this issue at the forthcoming dominion-provincial conference then we should approve grants in aid to the provinces and not seek to control them.
I am more concerned about the education of the children of this province than I am about the constitutionality of the matter or any precedent that might be established. I do

not believe that one dollar should be granted by this government that has not provincial jurisdiction. The provinces must have full jurisdiction over their educational system. It is not our business, it is not our function to administer educational expenditures in the provinces. At the same time I think this can be worked out by a dominion-provincial conference; but in the interval, particularly in view of your delay in calling a dominion-provincial conference for the five years in which we have been pressing for it, this situation has developed to where it is now a serious national problem concerning the mothers and fathers in almost every home in this dominion.

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