February 9, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Earl Rowe

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Rowe:

Mr. Speaker, this is a clear-cut example that has developed steadily. I think it only fair to say that failure to co-operate with the provinces has already created a lack of educational facilities. The inability of the municipalities to meet this educational challenge already has had a serious effect upon the education of our youth in this country. Education should be advancing like everything else, but it is not advancing today because we are short of classrooms, we are short of teachers, and there are hundreds of children who are not getting a fair chance and opportunity in education.
I would urge the government to keep it upon their agenda, to not continue making the excuse that they cannot relieve the situation but give us some idea how the municipalities, the provinces and the dominion can sit down and revamp an outmoded taxation system so we can meet this situation because as I say even though we are members of this house we are all taxpayers whether municipally, provincially or federally. It is a problem which everybody must face, and it is something which far transcends politics. It is an issue upon which the whole life of this country depends.
We shall be no stronger, in the years that lie ahead, no matter how great may be our resources about which we boast, than the intelligent application of sound principles to our everyday affairs by educated scientists and educated leaders in church, school and society.

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