February 9, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Horace Dickey (Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Defence Production)


Mr. Dickey:

Mr. Speaker, I should like to deal with this question orally, if I may. At various times in the past questions such as this have been placed on the order paper by hon. members, and the minister, the former parliamentary assistant, and I have explained to the house why it is not feasible to table an answer. The most recent statement of this position was made on January 28, 1953, and appears at page 1397 of Hansard when I quoted from a previous statement of the minister as follows:
A question has been raised as to why we do not publish figures showing the value of projects placed in the various provinces. The simple answer, which I have given on several occasions, is that we see no value in giving such figures inasmuch as they in no way reflect the impact of the defence program on the various sectors of the country. They do not take into account the large proportion of subcontracting which is inherent in this type of work. They make no allowance for the source of raw materials going into the contracts, and in many cases they are misleading because contracts placed at head offices in Ottawa or Montreal are often carried out in company plants which may be located as far away as the east coast or the west coast.
This explanation applies directly to the present question. I should also point out that full information regarding the letting of unclassified contracts over $10,000 is made public by the publication every two weeks

of complete lists of contracts awarded. This information is, of course, available to all hon. members.

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