February 9, 1955 (22nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Mr. Lesage: (Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources)


1. (a) Approximately 225; (b) nil.
2. No record available.
Note: Under order in council P.C. 1953-
1612 of October 21, 1953, authority was granted for the issuance of transient motor licences for trucks owned by residents of the Columbia river valley between Donald station and Wasa station, B.C., for the purpose of carrying lumber and other produce from the said area across the trans-Canada highway in Banff and Yoho national parks and the Banff-Windermere highway in Kootenay national park during the months of November and December 1953 and January, February and March 1954. Similar authority for November and December 1954 and January, February and March 1955 was granted by P.C. 1954-1591 of October 19, 1954.
National parks records have not separated the trucks carrying lumber from those carrying other produce and the figures for licences given in answer to question 1 (a) is therefore an estimate. Almost all of these licences covered single return trips and it is probable that not more than about 25 different persons or firms were involved. The total number of licences issued under authority of the two orders in council during January, February and March, November and December of 1954, and up to January 24, 1955 was 362 which covered both lumber and other produce. During the period in question no records were kept of the names of those persons to whom licences were issued. They were issued to drivers of trucks by park authorities on production of satisfactory evidence that the trucks were owned by residents or established firms in the area.

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